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Meet your new mascara wardrobe: Marc Jacobs Beauty offers a full range of mascaras for every lash look. Create instant volume and epic lashes with Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara lengthens, defines and volumizes. Feather Noir Ultra-Skinny Lash-Discovering Mascara features a slim wand and a smudge-proof formula to find and define every last lash. And finally, Lamé Noir Ultra-Glittering Mascara topcoat gives lashes super sparkle and shine.

"I have some very fond memories of watching my mother do her makeup before she’d go out on a date. I could sit there for hours and watch her as she would choose her clothes and put her makeup on. She’d take a piece of black velvet ribbon and she would scrape it with a knife so she could take the pile from the black velvet to make the lashes even thicker and clumpier." –Marc Jacobs

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