29 Shameless Shades. 29 Shameless Faces.

The team at Marc Jacobs Beauty worked with artists and models worldwide to develop a broad range of shades for Shameless Youthful-look 24-H Foundation SPF 25. With the perfect level of coverage that allowed for flexibility across skin tones, 29 was the exact number that worked across the entire range. The photo and video shoot was collaboration between Marc’s trusted team, including creative direction by Katie Grand, makeup direction by Diane Kendal and model casting by Anita Bitton.

During the shoot, each of the 29 models were asked what Shameless meant to them.

Discover what makes them Shameless.

“I do like that I have this beautiful color from my mom and dad. I like very simple: a little bit of some lip, around the eyes, I love me a nice mascara. It’s not just the fact that it’ll make you look pretty. Makeup is something that should enhance how you feel inside.”
– Alek Wek, R590

“I feel my most confident on the beach, when I’m sunkissed and tan, and I feel like I really don’t have to wear a lot of makeup. I think natural beauty is most appealing. I think I’ve stayed pretty grounded. From the beginning, I’ve tried to maintain what makes me happy. ”
– Hannah Ferguson, R310

“I feel most comfortable being myself. People always have a different expression on their face when they look at me. They’ll either stop me and tell me that I’m beautiful or that I have a unique look. ”
– Carissa Pinkston, R250

“It’s important to stay shameless about who you are as a person and what you look like. But when I put makeup on and stuff, it kind of changes my aura. It like I feel more outgoing with makeup, but without makeup, I just feel confident in myself.”
– Lily Nova, Y110

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